Vacuum pump maintenance

Maintaining vacuum systems is essential, especially if the production process depends on properly functioning systems. As well as repair and maintenance, Tepas also offers fast parts delivery and a vacuum pump rental service.

Maintenance and repair

Vacuum pumps and particularly oil-lubricated vane pumps require regular maintenance. Users often have too little experience and/or time to carry out the required maintenance. Repair companies that are able to repair vacuum pumps can often only do this cost-effectively for vacuum pumps upwards of 100 m3/hour. Many of the Tepas vacuum systems work with 20 m3/hour or 63 m3/hour vacuum pumps. We also offer an often cost-effective repair process for these small vacuum pumps.    


Rental and sales of vacuum pumps

For companies that temporarily do not have enough capacity, or in the event that a vacuum pump is being repaired, we offer the option of renting a vacuum pump. If you are interested, send an email to We will let you know the options as soon as possible.