Successful vacuum clamping of precise plastic workpieces at BLW kunststoffen

6 July 2023

For the Unisign Univers milling machine at BLW kunststoffen, a solution was sought using flexible vacuum clamping technology. Accurate flatness, the ability to clamp multiple workpieces, and the possibility of milling through and through were important requirements.

Tepas provided 4 BaseChuck vacuum tables on which various vacuum adapter plates can be easily placed. BLW kunststoffen can easily choose the appropriate vacuum clamping and create workpiece-specific adapter plates.

Frank van Hoof, director of BLW kunststoffen:

"Thanks to Tepas' vacuum system, BLW can work more efficiently and achieve cost savings. The quality has improved because there are no stresses in the material resulting from traditional 'clamping' of the workpiece.

By clamping multiple workpieces now, the machine's utilization hours have improved.

For our customer, a price reduction of approximately 7% has been achieved, resulting in a win-win situation and an increase in our customer's trust in BLW."