Specific vacuum table with 4116 vacuum holes for machining graphite.

20 July 2023

A new vacuum table was delivered for the machining of graphite on a Haas machining center at Mersen Benelux in Schiedam, for Landré machines. The previous vacuum table had been damaged, necessitating the need for a new one.

The extremely precise flatness of the vacuum table and a quick delivery time were crucial requirements.

Thanks to Tepas Clamping Systems' in-house engineering, the necessary drawings could be made promptly, and production could be initiated on a short notice. Tepas supplied a new specific PerfoChuck vacuum table with a mounted specific PerfoPlate featuring 4116 vacuum holes. After mounting the vacuum table on the machine, Mersen performed a final finishing flat machining operation, ensuring the highest precision.

Remco van der Meulen, Production Manager at Mersen Benelux B.V., said:

"We urgently needed a new vacuum table for our Haas machining center. We manufacture high-quality parts from graphite, and many of these workpieces are clamped onto a specifically designed vacuum table.

Tepas Clamping's expertise ensured that we received the new vacuum table with the required accurate flatness. Our production process remained on schedule, allowing us to maintain reliability in delivering to our customers."