VacuMat-R circular vacuum mats

Extra clamping force and cutting through operations
are possible!

For use with circular TGP-R GridPlate, TPP-R PerfoPlate or TCP-R CustomPlate adapter plates.

How it works

Application with TGP-R vacuum adapter plates

The Tepas VacuMat-R mats provide extra resistance to slipping of the workpiece without glue residues etc., sticking to the workpieces. As well as extra clamping force, the Tepas VacuMat-R also enables workpieces to be fully cut through. On a vacuum chuck with sealing cord outside the vacuum sealed zone. On a vacuum chuck with micro holes or porous clamping surface over the entire workpiece.

Application with TPPR, TPPT-R en TCP-R vacuum adapter plates

With the vacuum adapter plates with micro holes, the vacuum sealed zone can be self determined. By opening the mat where vacuum is required, you can decide exactly where there should and shouldn't be a vacuum.



Article no. VacuMatModel VacumatD (mm)H (mm)Pack.