TVU-1-O vacuum units with fluid separator

Vacuum unit for machining workpieces where fluids, such as emulsions, are used. These units have a modular design, enabling expansion at a later date. The 36-litre separator tank is suitable for separating 26 litres of fluid which is also drawn in during the vacuum process.

The basis for vacuum with fluid separator

As soon as, during the vacuum process, there is a possibility that fluid can also be drawn in, this fluid has to be separated before it reaches the vacuum pump. These TVU-1-O vacuum units form the basis for all vacuum processes, in which a fluid separator is necessary.
The vacuum unit is modularly designed, enabling the pump to be expanded at a later stage with accessories, such as level sensors, vacuum switches and wheels. Even this most comprehensive TVU-4-O vacuum unit is based on this unit. They guarantee the highest possible clamping force of the workpieces.


  • Modular construction; this unit forms the basis for expansions at a later date.
  • 36/26 litres fluid separator.
  • Oil-lubricated vane pump generates up to 99% vacuum

Modular expansion

Using conversion kits, the TVU-1-O vacuum units can be expanded (including at a later stage) into multiple-shelved units for additional storage space. These vacuum units with sensors and control units can also be expanded, allowing safe unmanned production using vacuum.

TVU-1-O21 with push handle and wheel set





Article no.Modelm3/hmax. vacuumhPa mbarClamping force kg/cm2VkWL (mm)B (mm)H (mm)Pack.