TVU-1-D vacuum units with fluid separator

Vacuum unit for machining workpieces where leakage is present in the clamping and fluids, such as emulsions, are used. These units have a modular design, enabling expansion at a later date. The 36-litre separator tank is suitable for separating 26 litres of fluid which is also drawn in during the vacuum process.

The basis for vacuum with fluid separator

An oil-lubricated vacuum pump cannot withstand large ammounts of vacuum leakage and must generate at least 70% vacuum. If there is too much vacuum leakage and fluid can be drawn in during the vacuum process, these TVU-1-D vacuum units are the ideal basis for these vacuum processes. The vacuum unit is modularly designed, enabling the pump to be expanded at a later stage with accessories, such as level sensors, vacuum switches and wheels. Even this most comprehensive TVU-4-D vacuum unit is based on this unit. They guarantee the highest possible clamping force of the workpieces.


  • Modular construction; this unit forms the basis for expansions at a later date.
  • 36/26 litres fluid separator.

Dry-running rotary vane pump for clamping with vacuum leakage.

Modular expansion

Using conversion kits, the TVU-1-D vacuum units can be expanded (including at a later stage) into multiple-shelved units for additional storage space. These vacuum units with sensors and control units can also be expanded, allowing safe unmanned production using vacuum.






Article no.Modelm3/hmax. vacuumhPa mbarClamping force kg/cm2VkWL (mm)B (mm)H (mm)Pack.