TPA-5 control units

Unmanned machining with vacuum Tepas supplies standard controls for checking and controlling vacuum units.

The TPA-501 and 502 control units can be connected to the Tepas sensors for checking the vacuum depth, the fluid separator's fluid level and the thermal protection of vacuum pump units.

TPA-501 and TPA-502

Control unit for connecting up to 2 sensors. Sensors that can be connected are the TVA-54-52 vacuum sensor and TVA-56-02 level sensor. The control unit can be connected to, for example, a processing machine. In the absence of electrical power, a fault signal is given.


Control cabinet for TVU and TVUC pump units. For connecting to an electronic vacuum sensor. This control unit ensures that the pump stops when sufficient vacuum is reached and is switched on again when the vacuum falls by 7%.


Article no.ModelVoltsFor series / modelPack.
6688.0501TPA-501220VTPA-54 220V1
6688.0502TPA-50224VTPA 55-24V1
6688.0511TPA-511230VTVU and TVUC1