QuickChange Nano modules

The smallest quick changeover module in the world with zero point function!

With a diameter of just 15mm and a height of 18mm, the Tepas Nano module is the smallest in the world.


Smallest quick changeover clamping system to optimise changes in many different applications. These modules can easily be built into existing systems and machines such as (injection) moulds, assembly lines, clamping systems, including for 5-axis machining centres, etc. Suitable for many industries such as the cutting and chipless machining industry, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

How it works

The smallest modules generate an admirably high clamping and holding force. The modules are sealed by spring pressure and opened pneumatically. The modules are therefore depressurised when clamped.

The benefits

  • Opened with just 5.5 bar air pressure, so no pressure boosters required.
  • Diameter of just 15mm, can therefore be installed in small spaces.
  • Diameter of just 18mm, can therefore be installed in small spaces.

Technical details

Clamping force> 75N
Holding force> 750N
Repeat accuracy*< 0.005mm
Air pressure operation min/max5.5/8.0bar
Open volume0.18cm3
Compensation XY**max. 0.1mm
*: using centring clamping spigots QND-Z__
**: using (floating) clamping spigots QND-F__



Article no.ModelD1 (mm)ML1 (mm)L2 (mm)L3 (mm)Pack.