PerfoPod flexible vacuum pods

The most flexible vacuum clamping for cutting through operations in workpieces above the vacuum pod!

For workpieces that require a lot of cutting through operations, such as frames, panels for engineering, doors, etc. These PerfoPods offer the option for cutting through operations right above the vacuum pod.

Field of application

Vacuum pods can be placed on a flat surface, precisely where support of the workpiece is required. The pods are attached by vacuum on the underside to the surface. The workpiece is clamped by vacuum activated at the top of the pods.

Workpieces clamped with Tepas vacuum GridPods can be fully cut through, even through drilling, tapping and thread milling.

How it works

Vacuum pods are placed on a flat surface. The vacuum sealed zones at the bottom of the pods keep the pods clamped in position. The position of the pods is at the user's discretion.

Afterwards, the workpiece is placed on the pods, after which the vacuum is activated at the top of the pods. The workpiece has then been clamped and is ready for machining. For machining on the surface, machining on the outside, but also for machining through the workpiece. One major advantage is the space beneath the workpieces, allowing drilling and tapping to also be carried out.

The benefits

  • Vacuum clamping adapters with very flexible positioning.
  • Workpieces can be fully cut through, also through drilling and tapping.
  • Also suitable for large workpieces.

Clamping and positioning

The vacuum pods are positioned and clamped on a flat surface. One option is to position a dowel pin in the flat surface, enabling the exact position of the pods to be determined repeatedly. This enables repetitive workpiece-specific clamping to be carried out.



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