Perfo+ vacuum adapter plates for large vacuum chucks

Cutting through small workpieces on large (portal) milling machine!

Both simple rectangular workpieces and workpieces with complex shapes can be machined. Also cutting through operations, such as slots and holes can be carried out by fully cutting through the workpiece on the Perfo+ adapter plate.

On large milling machines with a large vacuum chuck, an MDF board is often used as an intermediate plate for cutting through workpieces. The main disadvantage of MDF, however, is that significant leakage occurs which means that a much lower vacuum is achieved and smaller workpieces are not held properly.

With the Tepas Perfo+ system, very small workpieces from approx. 5 x 5 cm can be successfully held and even cut through.

Tepas Perfo+ adapter plates are placed on existing vacuum chucks and work with the vacuum pump(s) that is/are already present, therefore the perfect solution is achieved with minimum investment.

Field of application


Surface machining


Simple outside contour


Complex outside contour


Cutting through operations

  • TP+: Tepas Perfo+ adapter plate
  • TPM+: Tepas PerfoMat+vacuum mat
  • TPMS+: Tepas perfoMat+ vacuum mat with adhesive layer

How it works

The Tepas Perfo+ adapter plate is placed on top of the machine's existing vacuum chuck. The Perfo+ adapter plate is equipped with a PerfoMat+ vacuum mat.

How vacuum leakage is reduced:

The workpieces to be machined are placed on the PerfoMat+ vacuum mats without using a sealing cord or similar, even if this does not seal the holes. The micro holes significantly reduce the leakage of exposed holes and the PerfoMat+ significantly increases the slip resistance, allowing workpieces to be reliably fully cut through.

Machining with emulsion:

If the vacuum pump is fitted with a fluid separator, workpieces clamped with the Perfo+ adapter plates can be machined with emulsion or minimal lubrication.

Clamping and positioning

The Tepas Perfo+ adapter plate is placed on top of the machine's existing vacuum chuck.

With the sealing cord in the machine's vacuum chuck, a vacuum sealed zone is created which is as large as the dimensions of the Perfo+ adapter plate. The Perfo+ adapter plates are adapted to the dimensions of the machine's vacuum chuck.

The benefits

  • Small workpieces can also be cut through.
  • Vacuum leakage is many times lower than with MDF.
  • Exact Z height due to aluminium Perfo+ adapter plate.
  • Perfo+ adapter plates are easy to place on the machine.
  • Vacuum mats (PerfoMat+) generate very high slip resistance.
  • Vacuum mats (PerfoMat+) are simple to replace.
  • Workpiece-specific vacuum mats are available for repetitive workpiece clamping.
  • Workpieces can be machined with emulsion or minimal lubrication (as long as a fluid separator is present).
  • Suitable for both light and heavy machining.



Article no.ModelL (mm)B (mm)H (mm)Pack.
6101.0500TP+ 500-50050050081
6101.0661TP+ 610-61061061081

Please note: TPMS+ vacuum mats have to be ordered separately.   Machine overview TP+ 500-500 for SCM Morbidelli X400, plus others.