Machine cleaners

Automated cleaning.

For cleaning workpieces, machine and clamp after machining so that unmanned production can be carried out without interruption.

Machine cleaner, model QC

For cleaning workpieces and the inside of machines.

Machine cleaner, model CS

For cleaning clamping surfaces and in hard to reach (internal) areas of workpieces.

How it works

The Tepas machine cleaners use the internal cooling or compressed air through the machine's spindle. The cleaning of workpieces can be programmed through the machine cleaners. This enables the automated exchange of workpieces without interruptions.

The benefits

  • Programmed automated cleaning.
  • Thorough cleaning.
  • No interruptions caused by chips during automated workpiece exchange.
  • No injuries to the machine operator caused by chips.
  • Rotating fans move chips around in an uncontrolled manner; pre-programming of the Tepas machine cleaners ensures that chips are evacuated safely.


The Tepas machine cleaners are included in standard spring chucks with sealing rings so that these can used for internal cooling up to 80 bar. The spring chuck holders are available with all known spindle fittings and can therefore be used on almost all machines.


Model QC   
Model CS


Article no.B (mm)D (mm)L1 (mm)L2 (mm)
0880.0001.022048169255 (ø110)