GridChuck vacuum clamping chucks with grid

The vacuum chuck with the highest clamping force!

For rectangular and simple shaped workpieces. For the highest clamping force in light to heavy machining.

Field of application


Surface machining


Surface machining


Simple outside contour

How it works

The sealing cord creates a vacuum sealed zone allowing clamping without vacuum leakage and allowing the highest clamping force to be achieved.

The benefits

  • Leak-free clamping ensures the highest possible clamping force.
  • Suitable for both light and heavy machining.
  • The sealing cord seals unevenness, including rough workpiece surfaces, ensuring reliable clamping.

Clamping and positioning

Can be used with almost all zero point clamping systems. With sliding end stops for precise positioning of workpieces. With longitudinal slots for direct mounting on the machine table with clamps.


The vacuum hose can be connected to the vacuum chuck in 6 different positions.
Slots for clamps on all sides.
The vacuum chucks can be connected to one another both lengthways and widthways. All connected vacuum chucks can be provided with vacuum with 1 hose.
Sliding end stops. Can be placed in many positions around the chuck.
5 positions for workpieces, 5 openings for vacuum in the clamping surface.
Sealing cord can be cut to required size with scissors.



Article no.ModelL (mm)B (mm)H (mm) *Grid (mm)Pack.