Customised BaseChuck with adapter plate for precise grinding

Customer-specific steel BaseChuck with steel CustomPlate for precise grinding.

For surface grinding of circular ø190mm Si3N4 silicon nitride ceramic discs.

Model TGC_SP0040 met TPP_SP0041

How it works

The steel-specific BaseChuck vacuum chuck can be clamped with the magnetic plate of the grinding machine. A workpiece-specific adapter plate is mounted on this BaseChuck, which can be ground flat again each time the vacuum chuck is assembled or disassembled for the highest level of precision.

The benefits

  • Highest possible level of flatness
  • If workpieces are altered, only the adapter plate has to be adapted or replaced.
  • No scratches on workpieces through the use of air pressure.

Clamping and positioning

With the grinder's magnetic plate.


Micro holes for very precise flat clamping of the workpieces.
Air pressure for scratch-free removal of the workpieces.
Handles for simple disassembly of the vacuum chuck.



Article no.ModelL (mm)B (mm)H (mm) *Pack.