BaseChuck-R for turning

The most flexible vacuum clamping for turning centres!

The Tepas BaseChuck-R allows thin workpieces to easily be machined on turning centres. Machining involving fully cutting through the workpiece is also possible. The vacuum is connected by means of a rotary union to the back of the turning centre with vacuum clamping. The correct vacuum clamping method is chosen using adapter plates.

How it works

The circular BaseChuck vacuum chuck is mounted on the turning centre with an appropriate flange. This can be mounted in the chuck, in the collet or directly on the machine spindle. The correct vacuum clamping method can be applied using adapter plates for each workpiece

At the back, the vacuum suction hose is mounted by means of a connector on the BaseChuck. The vacuum pump can be connected to the suction hose by means of a rotary union outside the turning centre.

Please note:

The rotational speed of this clamping method is restricted. The workpiece and the machining determine the maximum rotational speed.

The benefits

  • The correct vacuum clamping method is available for every workpiece shape and every type of machining.
  • Cheaper to buy than investing in multiple vacuum chucks.
  • BaseChuck can remain clamped, so less set-up time
  • Adapter plates are positioned precisely.

Clamping and positioning

Can be clamped in several ways. Either in the chuck or the collet for quick mounting, or the spindle for accurate recording.



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