BaseChuck modular vacuum clamping chucks

All vacuum clamping options in one system!

The BaseChuck creates a base on which adapter plates are placed, which enable the correct vacuum clamping method to be used for every workpiece.

How it works

Adapter plates are placed on the BaseChuck. Every adapter plate has its own vacuum clamping method.

Every type of vacuum chuck is also available as an adapter plate:

  • GridPlate for the highest clamping force.
  • PerfoPlate with micro holes for the highest level of flexibility.
  • µmPlate as problem-solver for the highest level of flatness.
  • CustomPlates for workpiece-specific clamping.

The benefits

  • The correct vacuum clamping method is available for every workpiece shape and every type of machining.
  • Cheaper to buy than investing in multiple vacuum chucks.
  • BaseChuck can remain clamped, so less set-up time
  • Adapter plates are positioned precisely.

The adapter plates

With GridPlate for the highest clamping force.
With PerfoPlate and PerfoMat for fully cutting through workpieces.
With μmChuck for machining films.
With CustomPlate for machining series.

Clamping and positioning

Can be used with almost all zero point clamping systems. With sliding end stops for precise positioning of workpieces. With longitudinal slots for direct mounting on the machine table with clamps.

Modular construction

These vacuum chucks can be mounted together to increase the
vacuum sealed zone without extra hoses. The vacuum is fed through with couplers so that
only one hose connection is required.


The vacuum hose can be connected to the vacuum chuck in 6 different positions.
Slots for clamps on all sides.
The vacuum chucks can be connected to one another both lengthways and widthways. All connected vacuum chucks can be provided with vacuum with 1 hose.
Sliding end stops. Can be placed in many positions around the chuck.
With PerfoPlate and PerfoMat, the ideal combination which allows workpieces to be fully cut through.
Delivered as a set with accessories.



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