VacuMat vacuum mat, self-adhesive. TVMS

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For use with GridChuck or GridPlate

Extra clamping force and cutting through is possible!

The VacuMat mats provide extra resistance to slipping of the workpiece without glue residues etc., sticking to the workpieces. The VacuMat mats on all vacuum chucks allow workpieces to easily be cut through.

Use with TGC grid vacuum chucks

Machining of simple shapes. In simple patterns, the areas of cut-through can be separated from the vacuum sealed zone with the sealing cord.

Use with TPC and TUC vacuum chucks:

With the vacuum chucks with micro holes and the vacuum chucks with microporous clamping surface, the vacuum sealed zone can be self determined. By opening the mat where vacuum is required, you can decide exactly where there should and shouldn't be a vacuum.

Machining of more complex shapes:

In more complex shapes, a workpiece-specific adapter plate will offer a solution.


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