PerfoPlate vacuum adapter plate. TPP

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For cutting through operations

Quick changeover vacuum adapter plate.

This adapter plate can be changed quickly and precisely on the BaseChuck allowing the most suitable form of clamping to be applied.

Machining with emulsion:

If the workpieces are machined with emulsion, the vacuum pump will have to have a pump-back function.

How it works:

These vacuum chucks can only be used with the VacuMat or PerfoMat mats. Micro holes have been made in the clamping surface of these vacuum chucks. The very small micro holes limit the leakage of the vacuum with smaller workpieces or when workpieces are cut through. The PerfoMat mats have larger holes that enlarge the vacuum sealed zone.

The benefits:

Limited vacuum leakage meaning a high clamping force can be achieved. Suitable for both light and heavy machining. Cutting through is possible without the vacuum chuck being damaged, when VacuMat or PerfoMat are used.

Meegeleverd: 5st TVA-01-09 Dichtplug, 10m TVA-10-35 Vacuüm dichtsnoer

Toebehoren: TVA-01-09 Dichtplug; TVA-10-35 Vacuüm dichtsnoer

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PerfoPlate vacuum adapter plates with micro holes

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