PerfoMat+ vacuum mats for Perfo+

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For use with Perfo+ adapter plates for large (portal) milling machines.  

Vacuum clamping without sealing!

The Tepas PerfoMat+ vacuum mats are used on the Perfo+ adapter plates for large (portal) milling machines. With the Tepas Perfo+ system, very small workpieces from approx. 5 x 5 cm can be successfully held and even cut through. Tepas Perfo+ adapter plates are placed on existing vacuum chucks and work with the vacuum pump(s) that is/are already present, therefore the perfect solution is achieved with minimum investment.

How it works

The vacuum leakage is reduced significantly by the micro holes of the Perfo+ adapter plate. Because of its larger holes, the PerfoMat+ enlarges the vacuum clamping surface and significantly increases the slip resistance of the workpiece. Using tools, workpieces can be fully cut through. Using, for example, a cutter, the mat beneath the workpiece is milled into. In combination with a vacuum pump with overflow-function, this version is suitable for applications with coolant emulsion (wet) or with micro lubrication.


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PerfoMat+ vacuum mats for Perfo+

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