PerfoMat vacuum mat with holes, self-adhesive. TPMS-F-R100

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For use with PerfoPod

Vacuum clamping without sealing of large workpieces!

The PerfoMat negates the need for sealing, therefore fast, safe and simple clamping! The PerfoMat mats on the PerfoPod vacuum pods allow workpieces to easily be fully cut through.

How it works with the PerfoPod:

The leakage is reduced significantly by the micro holes of the PerfoPod vacuümpods. Because of its larger holes, the PerfoMat enlarges the vacuum surface and significantly increases the slip resistance of the workpiece. In combination with a vacuum pump with pump-back function, this is suitable for applications with coolant emulsion (wet) or with micro-lubrication.

The benefits:

Fastest clamping because no sealing cord, etc. is used. The slip resistance of PerfoMat results in reliable clamping. Without modifications, workpieces can be fully cut through. PerfoMat can easily be replaced after heavy use.


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