Oil-lubricated vacuum unit. TVU-3-O

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With fluid separator

TVU-3-O vacuum units with fluid separator and second shelf

Mobile vacuum unit with oil-lubricated vacuum pump. With fluid separator for applications with fluids such as coolant emulsion. With 3 shelves for maximum storage space.

Mobile extended vacuum unit

Extended vacuum unit with fluid separator for applications with fluids such as emulsions. This mobile unit has 3 shelves for maximum storage space. Upwards of 40m3/hour pumps, these are mounted on the lowest shelf. These units can easily be expanded with a control box to which a level sensor and/or vacuum sensor can be connected. The 5 metres of signal cable which is also included, can be connected to your machine, to enable the sensor protection to communicate with your machine control. Ideal for use of vacuum with automated processes.


Modular construction, therefore suitable for expansions at a later date. Easy to expand with control for sensors. Mobile model with 3 shelves for maximum storage space.

Modular construction:

These vacuum units can be assembled from the TVU-1-O21 vacuum unit with the TPA-001 wheel set (page 54), TPA-021 push handle set and TPA-101 level increase.

Meegeleverd: Vochtafscheider 36/26liter; Luchtfilterhuis met polyester filter; 3mtr Elektro kabel; Elektro stekker (alleen EU); 500ml Vacuümolie; Wielen- en duwbeugelset

Toebehoren: TVA-501/502 Besturingseenheid; TVA-77 Vacuümolie; TVA-78 Onderhoudsets


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