Oil-lubricated vacuum pump. TVP-O

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Separate pump without cord, plug and filter

TVP-O separate vacuum pumps

Separate oil-lubricated vacuum pumps with no electrical cable and other accessories. They are characterised by their compact shape and powerful performance and are designed for locations with little space.

Perfectly aligned and easy to maintain

Due to the directly installed drive motor, this is extremely compact and is therefore the ideal built-in pump. The standard vacuum pumps fitted with highly durable rotor vanes, guarantee a long lifetime and the specially developed oil mist filter cartridges enable excellent oil separation of even the smallest oil particles from the exhaust air. Maintenance is easy to perform. Aside from replacing the oil and exchanging the oil mist filter cartridges at the specified maintenance intervals, very little maintenance is required.


Clean oil through gas ballast filter. Stable. Reliable.

Toebehoren: TVA-78 Onderhoudssets; TVA-77 Vacuümolie; TVA-70 Luchtfilterhuis


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