GridPlate vacuum adapter plate. TGP

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For clamping with a sealing cord

Quick changeover vacuum adapter plate.

This adapter plate can be changed quickly and precisely on the BaseChuck allowing the most suitable form of clamping to be applied.

Adapter plate for the highest clamping force!

For rectangular and simple shaped workpieces. For the highest clamping force in light to heavy machining.

How it works:

The sealing cord creates a vacuum sealed zone allowing clamping without vacuum leakage and allowing the highest clamping force to be achieved.

The benefits:

The highest clamping force is possible due to leak-free clamping. Suitable for both light and heavy machining. The sealing cord seals unevenness, including rough workpiece surfaces, ensuring reliable clamping.

Meegeleverd: 5st TVA-01-09 Dichtplug, 10m TVA-10-35 Vacuüm dichtsnoer

Toebehoren: TVA-01-09 Dichtplug; TVA-10-35 Vacuüm dichtsnoer


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