GridChuck vacuum clamping chuck with grid. TGC

1.429,002.287,00 ex

For clamping with a sealing cord

The vacuum chuck with the highest clamping force!

For rectangular and simple shaped workpieces. For the highest clamping force in light to heavy machining.

How it works:

The sealing cord creates a vacuum sealed zone allowing clamping without vacuum leakage and allowing the highest clamping force to be achieved.

The benefits:

Leak-free clamping ensures the highest possible clamping force. Suitable for both light and heavy machining. The sealing cord seals unevenness, including rough workpiece surfaces, ensuring reliable clamping.

Meegeleverd: 1st TVA-01-01 Koppeling Push-In fitting, 5st TVA-01-04 Blindplug, 3st TVA-01-05 Zijaanslag, 2/4st TVA-01-06 Spankikker, 3st TVA-01-08 Draaiknop, 5st TVA-01-09 Dichtplug, 10m TVA-10-35 Vacuüm dichtsnoer, 2m TVA-20-2 Vacuüm PU-slang

Toebehoren: TVA-01-01 Push-In fitting; TVA-01-02 Slangpilaar; TVA-01-03 Koppelstuk; TVA-01-04 Blindplug; TVA-01-05 Zijaanslag; TVA-01-06 Spankikker; TVA-01-07 Spanelement; TVA-01-08 Draaiknop; TVA-01-09 Dichtplug; TVA-01-10 Vasthoudklem


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GridChuck vacuum clamping chucks with grid

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