Dry-running vacuum unit. TVU-4-D

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With automatic overflow-function

TVU-4-O vacuum units with fluid separator and pump-back function

Unique vacuum unit with automatic pump emptying function. With fluid separator for applications with fluids such as coolant emulsion. With 3 shelves for maximum storage space. With dry-running vacuum pump for applications where leakage is present in the clamping.

With pump-back function

This vacuum unit is suitable for a continuous process in applications where fluids are used. Separated fluids, such as emulsions, are automatically pumped away without the vacuum process being interrupted. There is also integrated level protection and a vacuum sensor that can be connected to your machine control through the control.


With automatic overflow-function. With sensors for connection with machine control. To be used with vacuum chucks where leakage is present.

Modular construction:

In the TVU-4-D25 and TVU-4-D40, the pumps are mounted on the lowest shelf.

Meegeleverd: Vochtafscheider 2X 36/26liter met terugpompfunctie; 5mtr Signaal kabel voor koppeling met machinebesturing; 5mtr Elektro kabel; Elektro stekker (alleen EU)

Toebehoren: TVA-71 Luchtfilter; TVA-78 Onderhoudsets


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