Dry-running vacuum pump. TVP-D

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Separate pump without cord, plug and filter

TVP-D separate vacuum pumps

Separate dry-running vacuum pumps with no mains cable or other accessories. The main characteristics of these dry-running rotary vane vacuum pumps: compact, reliable and extremely powerful. The oil-free design means the pumps are ideal for industrial applications, for which fast and reliable vacuum is necessary.

Application-orientated and easy to maintain

These rotary vane vacuum pumps are characterised by oil-free operation and high availability and operational reliability. This is the result of a design with, amongst other things, wear-resistant and self-lubricating rotary vanes made of special graphite, a robust construction and long life lubricated bearings. Maintenance is simple and can be carried out by the actual operator. In addition to regular checks and the replacement of vanes and filters on time, no additional maintenance is required.


Can withstand vacuum leakage. Easy to maintain.

Toebehoren: TVA-71 Luchtfilter; TVA-74 Intern filter; TVA-78 Luchtfilterhuis


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