Dry-running vacuum pump set. TVS-D

1.228,002.039,00 ex

For vacuum clamping without emulsion

TVS-D vacuum pump sets

"Plug-and-play" vacuum pump set. Dry-running rotary vane pump for machining workpieces without fluids, such as emulsion. Ideal for situations where leakage is present, such as with the PerfoChuck, PerfoPlate and the µmChuck or µmPlate.

Fast, easy and economical

Provided that no leak-tight clamping situations are possible and provided that no fluids are used during the machining process that could enter the vacuum pump, the TVS-D vacuum pump sets are easy to use. They guarantee the highest possible clamping force of the workpieces. A corresponding TVA-22 hose set and one of the vacuum chucks make "Plug-and-Play" starting possible with vacuum clamping.


Air filter housing with polyester filter Thermally protected switch.

Toebehoren: TVA-71 Luchtfilter; TVA-74 Intern filter

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