BaseChuck modular vacuum chuck. TBC

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The base for adapter plates

All vacuum clamping options in one system!

The BaseChuck creates a base on which adapter plates are placed, which enable the correct vacuum clamping method to be used for every workpiece.

How it works:

Adapter plates are placed on the BaseChuck. Every adapter plate has its own vacuum clamping method. Every type of vacuum chuck is also available as an adapter plate: - GridPlate for the highest clamping force. - PerfoPlate with micro holes for the highest flexibility.- µmPlate as problem-solver for the highest level of flatness. - CustomPlates for workpiece-specific clamping.

The benefits:

The correct vacuum clamping method is available for every workpiece shape and every type of machining. - Cheaper to buy than investing in multiple vacuum chucks. - BaseChuck can remain clamped, so less set-up time - Adapter plates are positioned precisely.

Meegeleverd: 1st TVA-01-02 Koppeling met slangpilaar, 5st TVA-01-04 Blindplug, 3st TVA-01-05 Zijaanslag, 2/4st TVA-01-06 Spankikker, 3st TVA-01-08 Draaiknop, 2m TVA-21-4 Vacuüm PU-slang

Toebehoren: TVA-01-02 Slangpilaar; TVA-01-03 Koppelstuk; TVA-01-04 Blindplug; TVA-01-05 Zijaanslag; TVA-01-06 Spankikker; TVA-01-07 Spanelement; TVA-01-08 Draaiknop; TVA-01-10 Vasthoudklem

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