AirMat vacuum mat. TAM

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For use with µmChuck or µmPlate

Vacuum clamping of films without sealing.

The AirMat allows films to be fully cut through. Because of the milling in the cardboard mats, the underlying vacuum chuck (preferably the µmChuck) is not damaged.

How it works with the µmChuck:

The cardboard AirMat is placed on the µmChuck vacuum chuck or µmPlate adapter plate. The product to be machined is placed on that, after which this is clamped by vacuum.

The benefits:

Fast clamping of thin films without specific clamping being required. AirMat ensures higher slip resistance. Without modifications, workpieces can be fully cut through.

Suitable for:

Thin workpieces, such as film and paper. Light machining such as micro-milling and similar. Milling, sawing, drilling, printing, etc.


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