Our promise, "we deliver clamping technology that works!" From conventional vacuum clamping technology, unmanned production with vacuum clamping technology, clamping complex shapes or cleaning the machine, Tepas Clamping Systems specialises in innovative clamping technology. With its range of standard products, large numbers of which are held in stock, or products specifically designed for purpose, Tepas Clamping Systems offers the perfect solution.
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TMC-QC-C16_a Perfo-scaled QPC-plaat_5V Vacuum-pompen Vacuum-ronde-platen TGC_SP029d-rotated TVS-L25 TPP-6

Tepas Clamping Systems

Workpieces can be milled through on a vacuum chuck

Available from stock

Unmanned production with vacuum clamping technology

Modular, flexible clamping technology that works